The Tree and the Travellers

Once, there was a tree in the middle of dry land with a big trunk and branches. The tree provided shelter to thousands of travellers.

One day after a long journey, two travellers reached the tree. It was a sunny and hot day. The travellers became happy to see the tree and took rest under it. They slept under the tree and enjoyed the soft breeze and cool shade.

After waking up, one of the travellers became hungry. They were out of food so he looked up at the tree to find if it had any fruit. When he did not find fruit, he started cursing the tree that it is useless and has nothing to feed them. The other traveller told him to stay cool and comforted him but the hungry man continued cursing the tree.

The tree was listening to the harsh words of the traveller but could not tolerate the cursing words any longer. It said, “You are very ungrateful to me. When you reached here in an exhausted condition in the hot and dry sun, I provided you with a cool and comfortable place to rest and sleep under a cool shade. I saved your life from the hot sun, but you humiliate me with cursing words!” The traveller who was cursing the tree immediately realised his mistake and apologised to the tree.