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The Tree and the Travellers
Once, there was a tree in the middle of dry land with a big trunk and branches. The tree provided shelter to thousands of travellers. One day after a long journey, two travellers reached the tree. It was a sunny and hot day. The travellers became happy to see the tree and took rest under it. They slept under the tree and enjoyed the soft breeze and cool shade. After waking up, one of the travellers became hungry. They were out of food so he looked up at the tree to find if it had any fruit. When he did not find fruit, he started cursing the tree that it is useless and has nothing to feed them. The other traveller told him to stay cool and comforted him but the hungry man continued cursing the tree. The tree was listening to the harsh words of the traveller but could not tolerate the cursing words any longer. It said, “You are very ungrateful to me. When you reached here in an exhausted condition in the hot and dry sun, I provided you with a cool and comfortable place to rest and sleep...
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Save The Green Earth
God created this whole wonderful world. He made it beautiful, happy and green. There were large green fields with grass and colourful flowers. Then God made birds and animals to live in the meadows and the fields, the woods and the forests. After that God created Man to take care of his beautiful creations. He made Man as the most intelligent and best of all his creations. But then, God had some doubt in his mind. He wondered if Man would really take good care of his creations. So he warned Man, “You must keep earth as green and as beautiful as I have created it. Do not commit any sin when you go to Earth. Or as a punishment the earth will lose its beauty and will turn into a vast desert.” Soon Man forgot God’s warning. He started stealing, lying and committing other sins. So Earth turned into a vast desert. But when Man realized his mistake, then God forgave him. That is why there is still some greenery left on the Earth yet.
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The Nature Story 
On one splendid evening, when the weather was very pleasant, a boy was playing in the garden. He was running left and right after some beautiful butterflies. He looked around and saw colorful flowers of all shapes and sizes. He then saw a shiny green frog hopping around, he ran after it and reached near a small pond. He saw small golden fishes in the pond. Near the pond, he saw a big black and white cow calmy chewing green grass. The boy noticed a little bug teasing the cow. The cow then swirled its tail back and forth to keep the bug away. Looking at it the boy laughed loudly and said “Wow! Nature is so amazing. It has the power to attract anyone to itself.” Suddenly he saw a notorious little squirrel running here and there, he chased after it and reached near a flower bed. The flower bed had beautiful red roses that smelled wonderful. Looking at the rose the boy tried to pick them and got plugged by a thorn. His finger began to bleed and he felt unbearable pain. He immediately...
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